Thursday, May 20, 2010

~of love and empathy~

yes.. love and empathy..
these two words are actually the most important words we use in our lives,
who could live without love and empathy,
if you can, than tell me your name and i'll register you to an asylum
you must definitely have an error somewhere in your natural emotions. haha

this post will mainly answer to the family and friends issue ,
for i believe that our relationship with our family and friends is where love and emphathy is needed the most.. and so here it goes..:)

Family structure and members?

my family mainly consists of 5 members.

my dad,
my mum,
my eldest sister,
and offcourse,
my youngest brother.

My dad is an ex- royal malaysian air force officer , with his last position as a Colonel.
he too was an ex-student from RMC (royal military college),
he is now an instructor at the Ipoh Aviation Academy.
he teaches those who has the interest in aviation and tries to make their dreams come true.:)

he is rather a strict father, mostly controlling his sons and daughters actions,
but deep inside, he has a very kind and tender heart.

he mainly enjoys fishing and (unbelievably) remote control airplanes,
i still remember the days when he would, build his own remote control airplanes and fly them together with me, oh the joy i see on his face. makes me want to go back in time..

My mum is a very loving one, she is the one that listens to our problems and trys her best to give us her advice. she is a full time housewife haha and she is the best when it comes to cooking,
if ever i have a problem , she would be the one for me to pour all my problems to.

she was born in selangor, with a mix blood of chinese and javanese, and yes
i do not follow her trait as you can see, how dark my skin is hahaha.

My sister is 21 and she is currently a flying instructor just like my dad.
as kids, we didnt really see things eye to eye,
as a matter of fact, each time i see her, i will quarrel and have huge fights.
but that was then, when we were all too young and immature.
i feel, that now, we are much more attached to each other
honestly i miss her a lot! i mean a lot!

she does have this temper, but she also have this soft side of her,
i find my sister unique, she is able to fight for her rights even with dudes!
infact, because of this , she now holds a record, in MALAYSIAN BOOK OF RECORDS, being recorded as the first malaysian lady pilot to fly across the south east asia, with a SINGLE ENGINE plane.

My brother, we have a very very huge age gap, my brother and i have a difference of 9 years apart. I guess, thats what makes him the most pampered child in the family.
everyone has the "most manja child" in the family kan?

yes he is cute, just like me,muahahahahaha
dear brother, you still have a long journey to go,
make your family proud, show the world that you can be the best among the best.

my siblings have weird names to,
i mean,
im Ulya aqamah
my sister is Nur Uzmana
my little brother is Ulil amri

YES ITS WEIRD, But atleast it has a meaning.:)

insyallah im a future dentist,
my sister is a pilot
guess what my brother dreams to be ?
a flying doctor! -.-" typical. haha
but let's just wait and see..:)


my family is not really the "shopping" or "luxurious" type of family
we enjoy the outdoors more than anyone does.

when i was at home,
we would go for a family picnic somewhere on a remote island,
during the weekends
my dad owns this big cabin boat, and he really does use it all the time.
we would go for fishing trips as a family and enjoy what mother nature has instilled for us.

if not

my dad, would just bring us out for occasional swimming programmes,
my family is a family of swimmers,

i could finish a 100 metres free-style swim at the age of 4.
my dad says that swimming is a very important asset in oneself,
you could not only save your life, but you could help others to survive too when their drowning..:)

(i dont really have a collection of our photos, i'm way over seas, and all of the family outing pictures are back home in malaysia.. oh well, if i do find any, i'll try to post it.)


I do have this huge group of best friends,
but i guess i could only choose one as my main best friend.:)
i chose him because we had a very interesting and beautiful way to gain friendship.

(no offence to my other friends, i love you guys just as much, but i couldnt blog about each and everyone of you here can i?)

readers, this is FAIZ ROHIM, faiz these are the readers...

honestly, we hated each other, we never agreed to anything..
i hated him! he was a boastful, arrogant and selfish jerk!


well that was before i got to know him,
he was one of my squadron members in rmc,
during our 1st year, we were always in fights,
we would go talking bad things about each other.
but then ,
thats when our training in rmc showed its wonders.

at first only plain hatred was there with us,
but the days in rmc totally helped a lot,
having to go through all the so called "ragging" together,
having to go through a lot of activities together,
our bond just bloomed.

well to cut short. after we got to know each others family and knew about each other's background, we got closer then ever. to me, this friendship is the best.
we had to go through many ordeals, before we got to see the wonders in each other.

at the end of form four we were even given the chance to climb mount kinabalu together,
that was a very unforgettable moment.:)

oh and to make it better, we both had the same hobby, FISHING!
so yeah. we had the same interest, we cared for each other, so we are now the bestest mates ever..:)

but the sad thing is that, now we are far apart,
we rarely do stuff together,
but we promised to go out for a fishing trip, the 1st thing i come back.
im sooo looking forward to it.:)


usually, i start with a warm smile and a hand shake,
then the tough part takes place..

introducing my name..

jeez, everywhere people tend to mispronounce it,
but i dont really mind,
because thats what make me special,
when you have a "hard to pronounce" name,
they actually remember it better! hahaha

fyi, its pronounced as

U'LYA, OK...



from my point of view, identity was never a barrier for me being friends,
i dont mind having anyone as a friend, i dont really mind, where he /she comes from,
what she does, how her atitude is towards others,
as long as they are nice to me, and cause me no problem, then its a big OK to be my friend.:)

standing out is actually something important,
when you stand out,
people know you better,
you have this "power of influence", people would respect you and listen to what you say,
some may even put you as their idols and as a good example. so yeah!.
standing out is importantas long as it's for a good cause,
especially when you are trying to fix things out.:)


now thats a whole big fat NO!

i believe that religious understanding should never be a reason for you to avoid being friends with one another. living in a diverse country with a lot of religion and cultural difference,
i believe, we should try to tolerate,.

every religion teaches their believers the best of life,
there is absolutely no religion that encourageous their followers to do harm and bad things.
i was taught to never downgrade or provoke people from other religion.
when i was in my primaries, i actually went to BANDUNG INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL
somewhere in indonesia.

(this is my class in the international school, and i know i nampak selekeh and gemok, but things changed. hahaha wink3)

there i met alot of friends,
from all over the world, bringing different beliefs and culture.
and i actually had a blast with my international school friends.
so people, get rid of the religion barriers.

"friendship is a very wide and subjective issue, never pinalize one due to his/her religion."



i say, we dont have the specific categories. my friends come from different "catagories" i have friends who are emo, punk, skaters , hoppers , geeks and even nerds. but that never changed anything, we still hang out together despite the different interest that we all have. personally, i dont like to be catagorized, i believe that my state in the middle is the best place that one could ever have. i am lenient and i could mix around with anyone, from any walks of life.:)


well thats it for day 2, welcome to my family guys!!

ps: i do have more to tell about my family, but if i do tell everything, your fingers would hurt from scrolling down haha

till we meet again.. [-_-]
Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN

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