Thursday, May 20, 2010

Social Networking

Some of my friends prefer SMS-ing me, some of them prefer to just message me using facebook or myspace. The positives of SMS-ing is that I'll read it right away, it's best for any emergencies. The negatives is that maybe I can't reply due to lack of credit :( . While messaging me online, the positives is that, hmm, I don't have the slightest idea but the negatives is that I possibly won't read the message in time 'cause maybe I can't online at that instant or whatever reasons.

Social networking site doesn't make my life worse. Well, its totally depend on how you see it, if not talking with voices a bad thing then it's a bad thing for you. It's somewhat a good thing = I know what my friends are doing by reading their blog. It's not the same as talking yes, but its okay for me :)

My online social networking sites :
  • Facebook : 345++ friends - mostly my schoolmates, my friends, old friends, teachers and family :)
  • Myspace :  410++ friends - most of it is stranger to me. haha. I approve them but they don't talk so I just keep quiet. lol. my close friends are around 30.
  • Twitter :  10++ followers. I think there's only 5 of it is my friends.
  • Formspring : I'm following 3 person only but there's lots of friends in there (I think. I'm not sure :P)
From the above : there's lots of them that I never met before.
I prefer to meet people face-to-face. It's because I know what they really look like and how they dressed and how they talk. No, I don't care about how they dress but I like to observee. :D
I do have twitter and I think I have around 10++ followers. I follow them because either they're interesting or they're my friends or I want to be friends with them :)

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