Monday, May 31, 2010

One Nation emcees? NO! ONE MALAYSIA!


United we stand, divided we fall. I think the 1Malaysia concept doesn’t really do much to the youths of today. I mean, we’ve grasp to the concept waaayyy before our current Prime minister, Datuk Najib Tun Razak, Introduced it.

But to do this topic justice, I SHALL TYPE! (Whatever it is that comes to mind a.k.a crap)

I think the 1malaysia concept should be stressed more towards politicians. Especially, Anwar Ibrahim. Shame on him for bringing the 13 Mei 1969 tragedy topic up this year. YOU hear that Anwar. Me don’t like you!

My Vision of malaysia in the next 5 years would be like Dr, Mahathirs’. Did I mention that he is my idol? Oh, yes I think I did. :)

What I think of the various races in this country? hmmm.. Well, almost every race in this country makes a part of me. Since I’m so spectacularly mixed. :P So I think all the races have flaws. But The other races make up their flaws. Yes, There is tension between the races in our country. IN POLITICS Boooo! BUT Why should us the young people, stay away from our friends just because they’re different from us?? hmm?? When Someone asks me what am I? I say I’m Malaysian!

Saya anak Malaysia!

I think people from all over the world see malaysia and respect us. i mean They have like blacks and whites. We have melayu, cina, india etc etc


Right 3 more mins to the dateline and I’m finally finished! Goodbye and so long! I’ve enjoyed blogging here! (eventhough I had exams ,tuitions and tons of homework!) Thanks again Ronn for letting me be a part of this =)

Loads of love,



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