Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 10: Youths Unite, For 1Malaysia! :D

What do you think of 1Malaysia? Please explain your answer (likes, dislikes, emotions etc) in details. What is your vision of Malaysia in the next 5 years?

Well, I think 1Malaysia is a pretty relevant concept if every single one of us Malaysians work towards that direction and give it all we have to make it a success. Honestly speaking, there's absolutely nothing to dislike about 1Malaysia. If it's done in a proper manner and benefits us Malaysians as a nation and brings people of different race, culture, creed and religion together, then I'd say 1Malaysia is a success! As a civic-minded citizen of Malaysia, I'd just like to say I am absolutely proud to be a Malaysian, hear me scream it out loud throughout the Internet!!! I mean, if you think about it, what's not to like? With the diverse culture, community and the friendly disposition of the citizens in Malaysia I can safely say Malaysia's one of the best places to be in! With the likes of assorted Malay, Chinese and Indian food, Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures all in one (I liken it to the Milo Fuze 3-in-1) :P. Tell me again, do I have a crazy imagination, or what? ;D From traditional clothes to food and even to languages, we as Malaysians share everything and we are no longer individual races fighting against one another. However, we are now UNITED AS ONE, WE ARE MALAYSIANS with one mission and one cause, to become the best nation the world has ever seen!

What do you think about the various races in this country? Do you think about your race or country first? Why? Do you think there is a tension between the various races in this country or not?

I have plenty of Indian and Malay friends in school and believe me I have absolutely no problems with them. By having various races in a school, we are actually indirectly strengthening the bond between these students and ensuring every one of us DO NOT discriminate among one another. And of course I think about my country first. Malaysia should be placed as the number 1 priority in the hearts of every citizen. Why you ask? What would your race be today, if it wasn't for the country that helped you bring up your race? How would have your race developed and modernized over the years if it wasn't for Malaysia? Let me answer that for you. You'd be absolutely nowhere! :) And no, I don't think there's a tension between races in our country. We see Chinese people hugging Indians. Indians hugging Malays and Malays hugging Chinese all the time! :)

How do you think people from all over the world see Malaysia? Do you think there is a typical “Malaysian” stereotype? How would you want people to view “Malaysians” in the future?

Nope there is no stereotype Malaysian look! We Malaysians are really diverse people and every individual has a unique look. You could be a Chindian, You could be a Mindian or even a Mamak! :D Well, people around the world generally view Malaysians as very hospitable people, however, they often have this initial mindset that we are horrible at speaking English. It just hurts me to see that other countries look so poorly upon our language capabilities :( If I had a choice I'd hope that people will look at Malaysians with a sense of respect and give us due credit for our achievements. We may be a small country but we are big at heart! :) And as far as 1Malaysia is concerned, I am confident, if we put in alittle effort and really do our bid to make the nation a better place, I'm sure it'll happen. It's just the question of how much do we really want it. :) To end my last blog post I'd like to attach a photo really meaningful to myself and I'd probably keep this photo till the day I part with Earth :) Goodbye, YouthSays! It's really been a blast blogging for this journal :D

The true meaning of 1Malaysia! I love you guys :)

TIll next time YouthSays! :) (P/S: Posted exactly at 11.59am, 31st May 2010 :D)


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