Monday, May 31, 2010

The Puma who killed Sony for Swatch


NO Branded Products is NOT important to me! So what if I shop at Sungei Wang. It’s not the dress, Its the person wearing it yo! xD

I think Swatch stands up for something. It Stands up for the creativity of youths. In general, I think it’s the perfect brand for Youths. It’s funny, creative COLOURFUL!


So Everybody Go get a swatch Watch!!

My Favourite Brands are,


Because It brings out the craziness in me!


Because it brings out my inner athelete XD



Because it compliments me to the max!


Religion sooo doesn’t affect my choice of brands. Why would it?? I’m not gonna let some bullshit rumour spoil my life!

I find new Info everywhere. From the ads in the paper, to the ads on the huge billboards at highways XD

See you guys in the last post!!

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