Monday, May 31, 2010

Social or anti-social?




Hello again fellow humans! I am back and am here to blab about YOUR jk jk OUR social life xD.

Right; Here we goooooo!


The above, are the most used communication medium i use. Because, well.. everyone I know has a mukabuku a.k.a facebook. Great thing about Facebook it that you get to stay connected with friends whom you just met at some random place and you get to see whatever your friends are up to. The bad thing…. You might get STALKED! hahaha. It’s true. So be very wary of the people you approve as friends. another thing is that you get very very addicted to it! XD

Skype. I’ll admit. Everyone has MSN. Even me. But I like using skype because you only have one window for it. I mean if they’re so many windows aiyoo soo mafan lah. XD The cruel thing about skype is that you get addicted to it just like Facebook. =(

Truthfully, I think social networking sites makes my life worst. Yes Worst I tell ya WORST! because, because of Facebook, I’m behind schedule for this project :’(

Other than facebook and skype, I also use

 youtube_logomyspace imagesCAIJ5BT5WindowsLiveMessengerblogger    imagesCA072HLD

I usually just stay at my “home” on facebook. Maybe chat and comment too. But mostly just scroll around wasting time XD Btw, I don’t play farmville, aquaville or whatever ville XD Its a waste of brain cells people!

I currently have 293 facebook friends. I am very picky about approving people on facebook soooo, I’ve met let say 95% of them the other 5% are friends of friends =)

Do have twitter. But it’s abandoned XD

So long, Till we meet again. XD

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