Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online-ing !!

GOING ONLINE. This is one of the topic that I'd LOVE to talk about cos I'M AN ONLINE ADDICT (as my mum says!) I can be online almost 24 hours if i dont sleep ! YES. I'm that addicted to online & thats why i wrote on my blog profile that 'I Doubt I can live without the Internet' . ; ) Well its normal for ONLINE ADDICTS like ME ! :S I usually go on Facebook,I Tweet ,Check mails,Msn & of course I BLOG ! :D I don't usually use nicknames cos I LOVE MY NAME & I don't think its necessary to use a nickname . Just don't expose TOO MUCH details online.

I Have become good friends with people i met online. NOT VERY GOOD till i tell them everything about me. Just good as in theres topic to chat about . Get what i mean ? Ok ,i would call the person 'My online fren'.. I knew this online fren from facebook , he added me but nvr chat before (i asked him after we chatted,he said just randomly added me) Oh well, i started to chat with him first. Why ? Because i saw his main display pic was I-Phones. Recently i had this interest in I-Phone that i wanted to know more abt it from I-Phone users. Ok the main point here is i had things to talk to him because I-Phone was the main topic & besides that, he told me abt his family whereby he lives alone at Jb & his parents are both working overseas .They do not care much abt him although they are filthy rich. SAD, rite ? I trust him cos theres nth to be afraid of as i did not tell much abt myself.

Oh PARENTS ? Well my mum doesnt controls but she MONITORS ! LOL ! Ok , how ? She has a facebook account herself & she reads my blog all the time : ) enuf said huh ? hehehe...My dad doesn't really go online therefore he just knows what im doing thru my mum. Well my parents thinks i'm an ONLINE ADDICT. Like i mentioned earlier ! ; )

NO!Online world did NOT make me disconnected with my friends. It connected me even better with my friends ! Especially social networks like FACEBOOK & TWITTER ! I get to contact my old highschool frens & able to keep in touch by just going online ! : D

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