Thursday, May 20, 2010

Social Networking ...

FACEBOOK is the main communication medium that me & my friends use to communicate most because its easy ,free & almost everyone has an account : ) The negative side of facebook might be too open cos everyone can read if its posted on the 'wall' but we can still communicate in a private way through inbox message on facebook. : )

Social networking sites like FACEBOOK & TWITTER makes my life BETTER of course ! As for facebook , i can easily keep in touch with my friends & family while for TWITTER i get to know the latest updates on what my friends are doing & vice versa for them as well : ) It definitely makes life MUCH EASIER !I have Facebook,Twitter,Blogger,Google,Youthsays & Friendster accounts. : ) SO MANY huh ? But the main ones are FACEBOOK,TWITTER & BLOGGER. My friendster is dead i can say. hehehe... I update what i'm doing /express my thoughts thru these social networking sites !

Currently, i have 929 friends on facebook & 83 pending friend request(from people i do not know). Out of the 929 friends i can say only 40% are the ones i really know , another 40% are the ones i know who are they but i'm not close, 10% are people who my friends know them, another 10% are random people which i dunno. I would say i'd prefer to meet people online for the first time so i would know how they look like (like how in bahasa i would say 'Boleh agak dulu') hehehe...

YES ! I have a TWITTER account. I currently have 57 Followers , I Follow some of my close friends & people i know..Besides that, i follow quite a number of celebrities like ryan seacrest, giuliana rancic , kim kardashian & etc just to know a lil bit what are they up too . (FOR FUN!) : )

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