Saturday, May 22, 2010


SMS, Instant Messenger, Phone, Facebook...

We utilise all forms of communication medium to fertilise our friendship.
It's simple, fast, and no-fuss.
But of course the downfall is that we hardly have physical encounter.

We can no longer see the wrinkles ...
We can no longer see the pimples ...
We can no longer see the freckles...

Basically, we wouldn't even know if one had gone under the knife for a Jennifer Lopez's nose or anything!

I personally think that Facebook makes my life a little less better (I wouldn't use the word worse, because I think it's too strong)

My reasons:
(i) My friends now stalk my every little activity online
(ii) My birthday wishes is only on my profile page
(iii) My birthday presents are also virtual
(iv) I can't feel the poke when my friends poke me

I was once members of Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Tagged, Myspace.
Basically I created account in each of those beacuse my friends have those as well.
No one was close friend.
My close friend are the ones I hang out in REAL LIFE
where we REALLY poke each other
where we REALLY wishes each other birthday
where we REALLY give presents that we can tear open and appreciate

I have roughly 300++ friends. Most of them are only those I rubbed shoulders with in the process of life.

I prefer to meet people face-to-face because the feelings and everything else is more genuine.

Nope. I don't tweek. I only speak.

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