Saturday, May 22, 2010


I venture into the virtual world of endless boundaries -- in simple term, internet, -- for about two to three hours.

Nope, I'm no internet phobic. It's just that I'm tied to the responsibilities of a student.
Hence, I have study, revision and projects to attend to.

Usually, I would use the internet to hear some latest hits, watch some funny videos, read some news, check my email and of course, blog a little here and there.

I stick to alias that sometimes I jumble up. YOu see, I use different alias for the different websites I ventured into.
Sometimes, I'm Snow
Sometiems, I'm Faye
Sometimes, I'm Honey
Sometimes, I'm Lemon....

YOu get the idea....
Why I use it? Haha...somehow, I find comfort in being a stranger.

I've not become good friends with people I first met online..because there's never a second encounter.
I'm a bit cynical about people behind screens, whom you can't see....hence, explaning my distrust towards them.
It takes time for trust to build.

My parents do not monitor what I acccess online.
Partly I believe it's because they know how responsible I am.
Haha..i'm not trying to angkat bakul or anything, but I think they have strong faith in their upbringings.

My parents think internet is a quick way to fall into temptation because this realm contains too much interesting things, which, if you fall victim to, would result in your time being wasted away.

And I agree with them.

I don't think online world has made me become more disconnected with my friends because when we are at different continent, it plays a major role in closing the distances.
What's more? We can see how our friends lead their lives.
Pictures speaks it all.


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