Monday, May 24, 2010

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·         Share with us any success or achievement stories you have got so far, whether it is big or small
well I dont have that much success but when I was 11-12 years old I participated in the New South Wales Examination Program or something like that.Whenever I get my certificate, it just says certification of participation. Which sadly means, I didn't get enough TT_TT

I used to go to Utama International School in Setapak when I was younger and during my time I had participated in the yearly Swimming Gala but I've always won during the team games not the breast stroke,freestyle and I forgot the other one that I used to enter. But well like I said, only on team games. 

When I was 15, I participated for St John Ambulance Kawat Kaki Daerah Gombak and well... we didn't win TT_TT it was total embarrassment since all the unit uniform in my school all won like 2nd or 1st but we were like no no its ok its our first try. We still have next year. I feel like I want to kill those people in Gombak setia XD 

Then I joined the Scholastic Young Writer's Award 2009 again didn't win... After I joined in the The Star NiE: Mag Inc 2009 and didn't win but we got a pizza hut voucher hehehe...

Umm earlier this year I went to and audition for Sunway College: Public Speaking Inter-School Competition and some dude for Austria, who by the way weren't eligible to participate got to the finalist. GRRR... damn u, Mario Gruber! I will have justice! 

Well right now I'm trying for The Star NiE: Mag Inc 2010 again! Yay me, need to win the scholarship like really bad!

·         How do you define a ‘successful person’, what are the elements that make someone successful? Tell us why.
For me a successful person means a person who doesn't give up on the things he believe in. A person who keeps on fighting no matter how many obstacle he had to face through life. That's what a successful person mean to me, a fighter. The elements that make someone successful? well believe in yourself that you can do it no matter how far it is from you, try to grab any chances and prove to yourself and others that you can be the best. Not only that but a successful person needs to be motivated and be creative. We're in the Urban Scene and the industry is tougher to tackle.
·         What inspires you? Do you have any role models?
It doesn't take me very long to get inspired. Instead its really easy. The things that gives me more inspiration is nature. They can give me 1001 inspiration is a heart beat. and role models? yes, I have been admiring Emma Watson as my idol for a long time. she's extremely talented and I'm a huge fan. 

·         Do you have any ambitions? What three ambitions/goals have you set yourself for the next year, the next five years and your life?
My ambitions:

1. Chef
2. Journalist
3.Theater actress

 eh doesn't really match but all three has different background story.


1. To go to Uitm and study all the above :)
2. Get a part time job to pay for college fees
3. Make new awesome friends :D 

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