Monday, May 24, 2010

This is, fun.

Day 5 : Going Online

Q1 : How many hours do you go online everyday? What do you usually do in the online world?

Around 6 or more hours? But now since it's SPM year the hours have been cut down.
It does allow me to study more when I turn off the laptop, but I still go online,
surf the web and other stuff using my phone. Usually, I would go online to chat with
my friends and check my facebook, blog and twitter. I mean those are
the sure to do things when I have the internet with me. Besides that I go to tech blogs,
youtube to watch vids ranging from reviews to music covers. I also find interesting
projects like this to do online. That's is honestly, what do you expect from a 17
year old? Haha

Q2 : When you go online and interact with other users, do you use any nickname/alias profiles online? Tell us why you use it or don’t use it.

I don't and I don't I have ever tried to use it either, reason being I think I might forget my
'online identity' or mix it up with my real one. I use my name, my social email but I don't
usually let out my phone number, address and such stuff you know.

Q3 : Have you become good friends with people you first met online? Tell us stories of how you make friends in the online world. How do you know whether to trust them or not?

Yeah I have. through facebook mainly. But it's not the type of people that are from
across the world of something like that, it's the new people I meet that are around
my state, different schools and such. I think facebook is an awesome place to search for new
friends. Facebook can also tell how reliable that person is. I can somehow tell how the person
is by his photo's and the way he types. That's how I figure out someone at the start. I don't
really like people to type LIk3 tH1s. They just annoy my to hells gate.

Q4 : Tell us if your parents monitor what you access online? Is it effective, or do you know ways around the controls? What do your parents think about you going online all the time?

They do, and I guess it does helps when they make me turn off my laptop because if
not then I'll be really glued to it. They think it's corrupting me and wasting my time in a way.
Haha if only they knew I'm getting paid for this. I don't think it's a shit waste of time at all.
The amount of information and new things I learn through the web are priceless.
It also annoys me when they never seem to come in the room when I have the laptop on
and studying at the same time. They also find the right time to come when I'm having a
break from studying and using the laptop!

Q5 : Do you think the online world has made you to become more disconnected with your friends?

I've never really been disconnected from my friends, and now that there's services like
facebook, I can always see what they're up to and keep in touch with them. I can
start events and send invites using facebook with ease. I do agree though that some
people get too caught up with the online world that they'll forget about their
real life. I gotta admit sometimes I forget about mine too, I spend hours in my room.
Hardly go out to exercise or anything but I try to avoid that. I'm gonna get my license
soon so I hope I can go out with my friend more often and meet new people!

Over & Out.

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