Monday, May 24, 2010

the seventh

today's topic is : entertainment.
i rarely watch tv but when i do watch it, the tv shows that i love most are:
1. ugly betty.
2. desperate housewives.
3. two and a half men.
4. house.
5. grey's anatomy.
6. the nanny.
7. 90210.
8. friends.

and the list goes on! if i can, i'd watch them all on tv. but since my dad didn't subscribe to the great channels, i have to either watch them at my friends' house, or online. i rarely use youtube i use tvduck. it has a list of a lot of tv shows and ALL their episodes. what i love about watching tv shows online is that i get to pause it anytime i want, and watch it in my bedroom anytime i want. no worries for bathroom visits or phone calls, just click 'pause' and you're okay! :) as for movies, my brother usually downloads lots of great movies and shares in on the network. and i watch them whenever i want, without having to fight for the tv remote controller.

music and fashion? i ABSOLUTELY LOVE them. who doesn't? i usually learn about new trends by reading magazines and by watching the latest music videos, but i also learn a few tips here and there from friends and university mates. there's this girl from my uni, iylia adreena. i LOVE her style. she knows what to wear and where to get it and she is so confident! plus she looks so cute wearing her huge glasses and her braces :D. she's friendly, too. on the other hand, i learn about music from friends and also from the radio. sometimes when i'm downloading a song, a different song pops out in the list as well, so i download it and it turns out it's pretty good! :)

the singers and bands that i love are:
1. sum 41
2. avril lavigne.
3. boneca [this isn't really a band, they're just a couple of friends singing together].
4. zee avi.
5. the times.
6. kelly clarkson.
7. arctic monkeys.
8. evanescence.
there are LOTS more, believe me. i listen to music more than i do anything else. music is my life. music gives me laughter [and sometimes tears], it fills my days with joy and happiness [and also sometimes sadness]. the person that i adore most is whitney houston because she has talent and a really strong voice. i don't think anyone can ever beat her. she's just so gooood. i download most of my songs [why would you waste you money on cds when you can totally download them for free?] using ares, but sometimes i listen to them on the radio as well as on my friends' mobile phones. okay i know i am not supporting the music industry, but some people just don't have the wealth to buy every cd that they like. such as, me *wink*. plus it takes time to put a cd in the cd player and press 'play'. when i download it, i just click play and there it is. and, i can make a music playlist that includes a lot of artists and many types of songs. when i am feeling stressed out, i like listening to zee avi's songs because her songs are so calming. but when i am in party mode, i really love listening to rock songs. i don't know how to dance, though. and i SUCK at singing. so i guess people'll be really annoyyed when i sing along to the radio. tee hee.

i do enjoy reading books, it's just that i'm bored of reading the same books here in my room. if i can, i'd like to buy the whole bookshop in the mall so that i can read to all of the books in there. mostly i love reading teenage romance books. i really, really, hate books such as lord of the rings and harry potter and the wheel of time because firstly, the vocabulary is too much for me so i can't understand a thing. and secondly, it's so boring. why are there no hugs and kisses in those stories. where are the real life problems? it's all made up in those books. i love books by meg cabot because i can really relate to them. i think she writes based on real life because i kind of understand each of the situations in the book. i really can't remember the last books that i have read. i'm guessing the last time i read a book was during a test, and that was because i was looking for an answer for the question. lol. and that was even before the holiday started. yes, i can be a little naughty sometimes. tee hee.

i watch tv and listen to the radio for the latest entertainment. for example, yesterday i watched the sneak peek for the latest shrek movie, and omg i really really really wanna watch it. it is impossible for me to watch it since there NO CINEMAS here in kelantan, and i don't think my dad is gonna let me go to kL right now because of his bad mood that started about TWO WEEKS ago. i don't know what's wrong with him, but he must have felt better today since he bought me those shoes that i fell in love with :D. thanks, dad. love ya.

oh, another thing. wouldn't it be really cool if we had youthsays blog t-shirts? for example, i have this really cute baby tee designed by amanda bynes that has a picture of a teddy bear updating its blog on its laptop, and underneath the picture it says : blog off! the baby tee kinda makes me feel like i am truly a real blogger. i think youthsays should design a t-shirt for all of the 50 youths chosen for this project. not the nerdy t-shirts with colars with whatsoever lines of words that looks like a university t-shirt, just a simple t-shirt that says we're part of the team.


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