Friday, May 21, 2010

The Small Things Makes Up The Big Thing

This time, I'm not going through the question one-by-one. I just wanna just make it 'rojak' this time. "Ala nak rojak pun time topic senang". Yeah, I know. But it actually turns out that easy topic that can turn out to be big. If you give this topic to a group of debaters in my former school, they can continue talks about it for days to come. Because this topic is so general. When you zoom in to this topic, you'll see thousand more topic, maybe millions more that makes up to build this topic. Just like the cell. When a group of cell sticks together, they formed tissue. And so on... Just like this topic.

When people asked you the definition of success, you answered it different from the definition in the dictionary and they said that you are wrong, they are the one actually on the wrong side. The definition of success is actually depends on personal choice I should say. Depends on what the person looks up to. If Mr. A is looking up to someone which is very successful in the 'robbing industry', he will say that being robber that never caught by police is a success for him. If Mr. M is very passionate in the Aviation industry, being a Commercial Pilot or a Fighter Pilot is really a successful person for him. So, I can't really tell you the definition of Success. Make up your mind.

A bunch of way that can lead you to the word Success. It depends on what's your mission. Everybody got to have mission in their life. Factors that can lead you to success also have a lot. But for me, I personally think the character and consistency plays big role in finding the route to success. Character come is when dealing with people, making promises, finishing project on time or as simple as discipline. The consistency part comes in when you are dealing with a long term project. For instance, you are building your own company, you can't expect you company will be well established in a few weeks of time. That will makes your body work hard in a short time of period and not getting anything yet. When this happen, you'll start to lose your spirit to continue to build the company. You must work slowly(actually depends on what you are planning) but consistently.

My father always told me "Never take small thing lightly because that small thing can be your next big thing, and may be your biggest problem".It is proven very-very true. Back in January 2010, I was doing a project on publishing books. I have to work on design, printing, content, and the most important, funding. I search every big company that wanted to sponsor or buy the ads on the book as much as I can. They make promises. But when I called them, never answered the phone. Then, the funding becomes a problem. Even though I memang tak puas hati dengan all those big company, I try to reach the again and again because their ads are already on the book but they didn't pay me yet. So, I do what ever I got to do. Tapi tak la smpai mengadu kat Aduan Rakyat about this simple thing. We try to solve this professionally. Go to their offices, talk to the CEO straight and say "Is this how you guys do work? Seriously, how you all come this far with these kind of attitude?" As I said before, character is important. Don't take things for granted. Then, I got my money. It turns out that the little2 company is threatening that big company to leave them if they did what they did again. Problem solved.

Even doing this blog need consistence to publish 1 topic a day.

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