Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Socially Qay

All around me, all forms of communication mediums are still in active use. Some of my friends still use landlines and dial-up connection even. But among my friends they are a few most used channels of communications include Facebook, instant messengers, and the ever popular SMS.

here are the some of the pros and cons of all those three forms of communications:

Facebook is simple, easy to use, and you have freedom with all the applications and security. You can allow and disable many programs without much hassle. It's a networking site that runs itself. You don't have to do much to update everyone in your friends list. The only problem I see is that it sometimes can be too public when you're unaware that what you sent will be echoed throughout everyone's newsfeed. Thank god for that little padlock button, just remember to press it.

Now, the main point for instant messengers is that they're instant communication. Type, press enter, and viola. Communication is established. It's an alternative to texting if you don't mind staring at the monitor. It's good for everyday communication coz it's an effective text transporter. For other media... Hmm. You have to have a stable connection. Once it's gone or go haywire, then you gotta start all over again.

SMSes are fun and addictive. Hey I'm even texting right now as we speak. The best thing about texting is that it's mobile and nowadays way cheap. You can keep in touch with anyone anywhere. It's not something you use to communicate with a lot of people, and sometimes its hard to tell emotions in SMSes but with the right fingers, texting is the way to go.

Facebook is way too integrated in my life up to a point where I can't compare my life with it and my life before it. But if I had to pick, I think it's more of an improvement. I hang out more with people now and I'm constantly updated with information about my family because the communication facebook provides.

I think popularity of networking sites really depends on the local condition. For instance, MySpace is not that popular in Sabah so I only had an account when I started studying in Shah Alam. But my interest slowly faded away when everyone started to shift to Facebook. the last time I logged in MySpace was a month ago.

So now my active accounts are Facebook, Blogspot, and Formspring.

Facebook is a complete networking tool. I do as much as play games up until confirming my attendance to my cousin's birthday party. I have a blogspot because that's where most of my long-winded expression of the world goes, and formspring makes me feel wanted. I get a jolt of happiness each time I recieve a question there. No matter how ridiculous they are.

I used to have 666 friends in my Facebook purposely. Why? Coz it's cool. When I approved one friend, I deleted another. Haha. That was quite dumb. It went on for a month or two. Then I got tired of deleting so now I have around 678 friends. Hey a good running number!

if I had to put a rough estimation, I'd say 10% are my close friends and overall I've met 80% of them at least once. But I get to know 100% of them. No strangers in my friends list. Around 40% I keep in touch regularly.

I have a few odd people in my friends list. Among them are my 56-year-old tuition teacher, my mum's aunt, my outward bound instructor, and a guy who claims to know me since we were in diapers. Hmm.

For the first time, I'd like to meet people face-to-face. I believe social sites are good for strengthening relationship as well as establishing them. The only reason for this is because I'm insecure. I like to read body languages to know if people really like me. If not I'll get paranoid throughout the friendship.

As for Twitter, yes I do have an account but I only log in when I have some things that are too good that you HAVE to share it. If not, I won't be bothered to log in. I follow a few wrestlers and a few artists like Tom Delonge and Will Ferrell, but mostly my friends are in my following list. People don't wanna follow me!!
My sad, sad Twitter life.

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