Friday, May 21, 2010

Spotlight is on!

Salam, and good evening to you! Yeah, you!

SNSD's Oh!

How are you guys doing? I hope it has been a wonderful week for you. And since tomorrow is Saturday, I bet you guys have plans with your families and friends. Hee...

Silverchair's Straight Lines

Yeah, I'm a slow typer. See... Two songs and I managed to type only a few lines. Hehe. Who cares... I have a question to ask you, yes, YOU!


If I had to answer that question, I'd probably said no. I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THE INTERNET. Okay, maybe I can live without it for a week or so. But not forever... My life revolves around it la. :D

Daily, I'd spend about four to five hours online, and that only happens if I'm at home. If I'm at the campus, an hour is like the most I can get. No time la...

Shinee's A.M.I.G.O

If I go online, I basically do the same thing all over again. I will check a few things like,
  1. Facebook, post up status, comment people's status and all.
  2. Emails
  3. Blogspot which includes reading other people's blogs.
  4. Allkpop! Oh, this is a must! A must!
  5. Google News/Star Online. Since we don't read the newspaper pretty often, I have to at least read up anything about the news.
Selena Gomez's Naturally

Oh! And I love Wikipedia! :D

If you wanna find me, you can always Google, Izura Shukor. lol

When I go online, I will only use my name, Izura. Not my full name, just my 'commercial name', Izura Shukor. I don't like to use nicknames/alias as I want people to know who I am and I don't want to be anonymous.

Paramore's The Only Exception

Even if I do like going online and I'm an active Facebook user and all, I don't make many friends through the net. I mean, most of my friends online are my real friends in the real world and my relatives and all. I don't feel comfortable making friends virtually because I don't know whether I don't trust strangers easily. But I do like sharing my experiences with people. I think that's why I started blogging. And even if I do add up strangers, I think he/she would ended up in being just a 'hiasan' on friend list. lol ;D

Oh, did I tell you that my parents have Facebook accounts? JYEAH! They have one and only my mom is in my friend list since my dad is a little bit over-protective, so bahaya la if add dia.

One Republic's Secrets

Mak dah ada dalam friend list pon dah kira cukup bahaya. Hehe. I somehow forgot that my mom can read my statuses. So, being the stupid me, I wrote stupid things on my FB. I once posted, "I don't feel like going to my evening class, malas sangat...". A few minutes later, I got a notification on my phone from FB and when I opened it, this went up, "SITI NUR IZURA ABD SHUKOR! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO SKIP CLASSES! YOU WILL BE GOING TO YOUR EVENING CLASS, THANK YOU!". Yeah! I kid you not, my mom posted that on my wall. I was like, "Oh crap! Mampos la Iwa."

My mom's FB!

So, I went to class la kan since my mom warned me already. As soon as I entered my class, five minutes late, everyone laughed at me including my lecturer. Yeah! She read my what my mom wrote on my wall. And not just classmates saw the post, even coursemates, dormmates and lets just say, all my friends. Embarrassing ok! Adeh. Tu la. Do stupid things lagi, can got caught bulat-bulat. :/

But I like it when she's around like that. I feel as if she's watching from a far and I don't mind that. It keeps me aware of my actions. :D And they'd know what I do la even if I'm not at home.

N.E.R.D's My Drive Thru feat. Santogold and Julian Casablancas

Though the Internet connects you with your friends and family, it also makes you forget about them in reality. Being connected virtually doesn't show much actions and emotions towards your friends and your family. Seriously... Sometimes because you're too hooked up on the Internet, you talk through the Internet, you'd sort of forget to communicate verbally. And the Internet is like a thing that triggers fight among friends. I have a few friends who fought with each other because of FB and all.

Simple things like, "Asal tak tag aku?", "Aku tgk gmbr, kau pg Melaka? Asal tak ajak aku? Kwn-kwn lain pergi kan."

Mutemath's Spotlight

Yeah, simple things can be a BIG thing because of the Internet.

The Internet can be very useful to us and at the same time, it can destroy us. We should use it wisely and not abuse any of your privileges. :D

p/s: I've listed down a few songs that are currently in my iTunes.

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