Thursday, May 20, 2010

« Toi. Oui, toi. Montre-moi le grisbi. »

In case that passed off as gibberish to you, this is what it actually means :

"You. Yes, you. Show me the money."

To be frank, I'm pretty much unfazed by a world which is pretty OBSESSED with money. Yes, obsessed to the point that the stupidest things can be done. I'm not going to start the whole debate on whether money is the root of all evil, or not, but let's take the relatively recent atrocities committed in the global scene :

Why did Tony Blair declare war on Iraq by way of Royal Prerogative ? His answer was "to stop them from using weapons of mass destruction." In actual fact, there were none. So what motivated it ? Money.

Why is American Idol continuing - and becoming more and more lacklustre ? With Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul gone (well, Cowell's gonna depart soon), will the charm of the first few episodes still be there ? Definitely not. So what do you think would've motivated it ? Money.

Why are horrible Hollywood sequels made ? Okay, so maybe they have the idealisation that their project would be better than the first one. But they discover it isn't. For those who know the second story isn't better than the first, again, what motivates them is the revenue that they get from ditzy, screaming fangirls and enthusiasts. In short, money lah.

Why is corruption rampant, why are we getting substandard stuff and substandard food in the National Service camps ? (Believe me, I can be very vocal about this !) Allô, 95% of us in Group 3 Series 6 2009 may not have been fully educated, but we're not dickheads not to note that the people up there are more interested in the deals and connections which have been made. In short : money.

Now having ranted about money, I might as well go to the more interesting bits about money. The bits about me and money.

money Pictures, Images and Photos

Don't you wish money was handed to you on a platter um, from the computer screen just like that ?

So, above rant says it all - I'm not very much interested in money. Indeed, it can be used to get stuff. But all I've been doing is saving up, and that's it. To me, money, like fame, like success, is something that comes and goes at its own time. God gives, and God takes away.

As for where I get my money from, most of it comes from my parents - whatever extra cash I have after a week, I set aside. I even set aside 50 sen coins. Some of it comes from YouthSays (though it's not time for me to cash it out yet), and some of it comes from other projects - translations, blogging, whatnot. And the rest of it comes from angpow ! :D

maple story 3 Pictures, Images and Photos

Kaching kachinnnnnnnggggg ! Yes, even I have my share of these.

If I ever have to buy something, I'd save up. I'm hoping to invest in a proper MP3 recorder (but now, given that I'd soon be getting a laptop, I might as well drop that plan). Oh, and a nice pair of Vic Firth drumsticks (see my post #4) - which I can already get with the money I've saved up, but because I dare not go anywhere......... I'M STUCK HERE ! -__-

But otherwise, I haven't really found the need to get up, drag my trunk to the coin box and keep those coins inside. Which shows how I care... or not... about money.

Stay tuned for post #6 - the post on work. If I'm not as lazy as I am about money, I'd probably work on it this afternoon.

Salut et à la prochaine !


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