Sunday, May 23, 2010

When I grow up I want to be…ME!

Success-and-Youth-QuotesMy success stories are well.. pretty pathetic. Lets see.. I achieved 5A’s for UPSR which I NEVER expected because all I did was watch TV. (You didn’t see anything mum xD)

OOHHH!! I know which story to share!! =D Okay. Last year, I was form 3 and it might just be one of the most successful year of my life. =) My Class Teacher/Sports house teacher/BM teacher Encik Mustafa made me run 100m and 4x100m can believe it or not this fatso won 3rd and 2nd HAH! Run Fat Girl RUN!!! imagesCA685JC4 <—I want to be as fast as USAIN BOLT!!

mail From right: Angela, Nicole, me and Farah.

Other than that, I entered an inter-school karate competition and Won gold for Women's open sparring and silver for 14-16 years sparring. =) I love karate <3

My personal definition of a successful person is exactly like Shakespeare’s


HAHAHA! Actually, I define a person who loves their job, themselves, their family and their life a successful person. I find all these qualities in my mum. So.. To me, she’s very successful. =)

There’s 2 things that inspire me. The first is,


They’ve existed since the Dinosaur era till now. They inspire me because even with all the pollution and the destruction of their kind, They toughen up their bark and keep on growing. To inspire people like xD I know I don’t make sense.


The second would be the innocence of children. I want to make this world a better place. I want to make it in such a way that kids don’t have to ask their mum where their daddy went or why was daddy mad or any other why questions that would hurt mothers.. :’(

Inspiration is awesome but role models are even awesomer. =D

I’ve 4 role models =) They’re all awesome people!!

The first is the most important woman in the world!



Next is simply fantastic,


Albert Einstein =)

Did you know that he failed loads of things when he was in school? Yet he is one of the most awesome genius in history. =)

The third is amazing,

imagesCA9PH7TXDatuk Nicole Ann David =)

Not only is she great in sports BUT she was great in school too. =)

And The fourth,

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammed

I admire him soo much. Just look at what he's done to the country. =)

I have ambitions, oh yes I do :

1. Archaeologists

2. Detective!

3. Astronomer

4. Olympic Sprinter!

Three ambitions/goals that I’ve set for myself;

Next year:

1. 10A+’s for SPM

2. School Sports Captain

3. Selangor Athlete. =) ( I really want to go to MSSS)

Next Five years:

1. Student in Harvard (I wish!)

2. 10kgs slimmer xD

3. Recognised by the united nations for saving Trees!

My life:

1. Have a stupendous job that I love.

2. To be a good person.

3. To love.

I’m done for this one. ;) hey leave a comment will ya? XD See you around! whoever you are….


  1. hi hanida hayani :)
    hope you will succeed with your goals.

  2. Thank you =) I hope you will succeed in yours.

  3. haha i like your title! when i grow up!
    all the best! :)

  4. Mom said....
    U got that right, hehehehe... Remember no pain no gain, dude!!