Sunday, May 23, 2010

Work for $$ or vice versa???

~Important of Money~

Money is soooo important to me but not important enough to be made as a reason to cut ties between friends and relatives~! Don't you think it's stupid to quarrel about something that can be made easily? Well,there might be people arguing that money isn't that easy to be obtained and since I'm a student, I won't understand it till I'm working one day... That MIGHT be the truth, but I don't care, ties or relationships or bonds or whatsoever it is called are not something that can be bought, and therefore, having something that can be bought to distort the other thing that can't be bought, isn't the idea itself sounds so obvious which one is more precious? Enough with philosophy~! I think money is the key to having successful life, or actually, an ideal life of ours... To realise any dreams, there's cost for it and this is where money plays the role~ Of course by having a wise management of money only can lead us to such ideal life, and so this is where we must be wise like the sage-wolf Horo (Spice and Wolf anime series~).

~Source of Money~

Currently, I'm earning my allowance through posting for Real Voices2 blog and my employer is Youth Says~ Yeah,I consider this blogging as a formal job of mine since I get money for what my service, it's the same concept as in job~ Hmm,with a rather serious opinion, I'm not doing any part-time job though I do consider to do some during the next month holiday before furthering my study in undergraduate level in UM,most probably. During my study, I received my allowance from my father, though it was my mother who bank in the money~ Based on my previous statements, I insist that I have never done any part time jobs wait, National Service is also a service from me to the country and I did get payment,so was it considered as a job too? Haha~ One more job that I might have been doing is to excel in my exam since my mother always reward me RM20 for an A+ (score 90 above),RM10 for A and RM5 for A-. Note that the grading system mentioned is updated to the current SPM standard,huhu~

~Temptation of Shopping~

Usually, I didn't save up nor get it straightaway~ I'll wait for my money to reach the amount that

I need to buy that thing, though this sounds like saving up, but there's a bit difference. I didn't save

my pocket money in a significant manner,instead, I always wait for big fortune to come like cash

prize that I always earn from my result in exam or my financial aid by Zakat Kedah or Ministry of

Higher Education. Then I'll use the money straightaway before it is reduced to zero by my

shopaholic identity (not really, but sometimes I can't stop myself from buying unnecessary items

such as clothes if it was under cut down price or discounted).

~Work Ethic~

Well,with current living rates, I don't think any family without a decent job or in other words,a strong
work ethic and be hardworking in work, can have a standard life demanded by the world. It clearly
shows how important all those values to our generation where we must always secure our place in
society on our own effort. Yeah,perhaps....

~Global Economic Crisis~

Hmm,from what I heard from my father, it seems like the current economic crisis is the same cycle in 10 years that we earthlings got to deal with... There's no avoiding as long as you live by using money where in this century, it's not possible to do living without the use of money and so, I guess we just can prepare ourself financially so that the wave won't give us too much as a shock. Of course it did affect my family and I in various ways, such as inflation, oil-price hiking, all goods price rising and so much more nasty things, but it didn't really affect my outlook on the future because as for me, the future is yet unshaped and it's we who'll shape it (I'm quoting from some movie or book,
but I don't remember the source, sorry for the unreaching credit). Well, that's not all, the future can always be changed into the course that we want it to be as long as we're following the correct manual of life (I'm talking about religion and in muslim case, it is Al-Quran and the prophet's sunnah).

Three coolest jobs:

(1)President of a world-leading company

The reason is easy, he manage a big company that if there's something that's not supposed to be happen is to occur, he takes the whole responsibility. On the other hand, if there're nothing occur, he got to relax the whole time of his life span~


They are always the first person of the century to find something new, and they are always ahead of the human generation in obtaining knowledge, in other words, they are the first hand knowledger~ Sounds so cool to me~ XD

(3) Counselors

While they happened to give advice and encourage others all the time during their work period, I'm wondering what if they are in the same shoes as those they gave counselling. Surely they sometimes are in the same shoes,so for them to be able to be in the same shoes but help others to get out of the shoes, I'm impressed indeed~!

Three least coolest jobs:

(1) Corrupted officer

I had an experience being detained (at the road side only) by a police traffic officer insisting on my fault for not bringing any identity card when going at night and he exaggerated as if I am the number one criminal in Malaysia. After a long session of detention, finally he revealed his true colour by asking me to buy some drink for them (there were a lot of other police officer, it seems to me like they are ganging up just to leech out money from poor innocent public like me, damn them~!). So,after giving him 20myr, I cursed him all the way back home. Please die from the crime that you did officer~!

(2) Porn Star

I have a feeling that some might find it awkward to mention it in this blog, but my voice is counted in this blog, so I'm voicing it out loudly and clearly~! Well,since their assets are just their body and some repeated sex pose, I don't think they are even worthy of a single penny to be paid...

(3) NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training)

Obviously, the state of not being within any of the three categories mentioned above sounds like a lazy bum to me. Since they are not even doing anything worthy, why don't they just donate their organs to those who need them to be useful in society? Haha,maybe it's too much.. Anyway, they are not contributing to the society in any way if they remain being a NEET... That's quite a failure as a human.. Hmm..

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