Tuesday, May 25, 2010

money, work...


$ $ $
who can live without money?

Face it, nowadays, everyone's dying for cash.
there are people who rather work over-time and even do the dirtiest job, just to get cash.


for a living of course,
or to get something he/she wants...

I have to admit that I can't live without money.
I'm not a super-shopaholic and I don't spend that much money, but without money, my life would be really dull.

This is absolutely true when you're living far-far away from your parents, outside your hometown.

The people I'm exposed to here in Canada are mostly children of rich businessmen or wealthy family from China, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong - you name it. Therefore the peer pressure into getting branded goods is pretty big and I have to admit I have/am slowly fallen/falling into that trend. Although, I try to stop myself from spending so much at times haha.. And to be honest,
I do feel guilty sometimes, after spending too much money in one shopping trip.
some photos from my recent shopping trip down in the states.

i love Lacoste, i have their shirts, socks, shoes, and bags.
the only thing i need to complete my whole collection is a pair of shorts haha.

paul smith's cufflink

Godiva's chocolates

sperry's boatshoe


My friends and I always go out to eat, and I love to try out new food. This is the problem, and it's also where my money is mostly spent on - FOOD. Ever since I moved here, I've been trying new cuisines as often as possible. I have this belief that I should try out and explore new things, which has also made me gain a lot of weight (haha)..

Fried Crab from SushiBar

Nando's Chicken (tastes so much better than Malaysia's)

Beef Terriyaki (my favourite japanese dish)

(cheesecake at The O'dor)

Korean TOFU SOUP with beef bimbimbob (or whatever it's called)

I get my monthly allowance from my parents. I used to work part-time when I was in Malaysia, but even though I worked part-time, the pay was too low (rm4/hr wth right?), that it wasn't enough. Now, I'm hoping for to start saving up for my upcoming Summer vacation to Taiwan and maybe Singapore & KL in July/August. So, I'm counting on Youthsays to pay for some of my expenses.

I'm a smart shopper - or at least I think so, myself. I always try to compare the prices of the item I want to be on the internet or at different stores before I buy, so I won't make a mistake and regret. Of course, there's a strong urge that pushes me to buy that item the first time I see it, but if the price is too high, or the fact that it's more of a NEED than NECESSITY, I would think twice before purchasing.

MY GENERATION? work ethic?
Everyone has to work hard to get what they want right? So, no matter what generation or family background you're from, you have to work hard. Or else, you're just spending without a reason.
It's bad- duh. We are just slowly recovering from a recession which hit us a while ago, and with so many unfortunate events (disasters, wars) happening, the economy is not going anywhere. It might rise, but it would drop again, pretty quickly.

All the resources have been used up, or will be used up soon, I believe, in our generation. Look at how US attacked the Middle East in search for more crude oil few years ago. It's evident that economies worldwide are slowly falling and

THE three coolest jobs>?


BEN SOUTHALL won the job as the caretaker of Hamilton Island, Queensland last year. All he has to do is stay on the island, take care of it, have fun and blog about it everyday on his blog..

It's like he's getting paid to go on a LONG vacation.

who makes money off blogging, ofcourse!

Look at Kennysia of Kuching,
Xiaxue of Singapore
and many more..

They are being paid to review awesome hotels and tourist attractions around the world, and they get to be exposed to the public at really cool events and get treated like royalty at parties.

haha, ok, maybe I exaggerated a little bit.

3)WORKING at a place where you absolutely enjoy.
For me, it would be either an airport, or in Taiwan's entertainment industry.

I love travelling and exploring airports around the world, and I'm also interested in learning more about how airlines work and all the behind-the-scenes stuff at the airport.

I also love to work or, should I say, appear on television, even though I've never been on one before (hahaha). Maybe it's due to the fact that I watch too much Taiwanese television shows.

that's about it for now.

MORE articles coming soon!



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