Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what it takes to be...


So, everyone has goals, dreams, targets - whatever you call them, but how many have actually succeeded, reached, or completed them?

Goals are easy to list, but are hard to achieve. WHY?
-lack of urge to do so
-lack of certain resources/help
-don't work hard enough

Everyone have excuses to forgive themselves for not achieving their goals, just like what I did a few seconds ago. I just came up with a few lame yet true, excuses as to why we can't achieve our goals.

Alright, I just finished writing my assignments just now and man, I'm tired now. But I'll try my best to complete this post and make sure it's up to my standard -check out my blog to verify it.

To be honest, I don't really know what I should write talk about. I don't think I am a successful person, yet. But, I know I have a few personal achievements that I'm proud of.

Instead of story telling like everyone else, I'd just list out some of the stuff worth mentioning.

-earned money for designing a website for my mum's friend's Travel Agency. I was only 16 at that time, and I think I earned RM300 from the job.

-getting the annual head teacher's award at my previous high school in the UK. I worked really hard for it, and getting it was the best gift for both my parents & I.

-earned $500 for a Nuffnang blogger competition I participated in, two years ago. I managed to complete my entry the night before it was due, haha that was one PURE INTENSE night!

-got "A" for my bahasa melayu (malay language) in the PMR Examination. I have learned Malay before in the early years of primary school, but stopped after I move to the UK. Then, I came back to Malaysia and only studied two years of BM and managed to get an "A" on the PMR national school exam. EVERYONE, even my teachers and parents were shocked. MALAY was like a foreign language for me, yet I got an "A". That was when I realized I'm a quick learner when it comes to languages and writing.

there are a few more things that haven't been mentioned, but I'd like to keep the list short, as I'm getting tired now haha..

Anyway, in conclusion, I feel the most successful thing I've achieved so far is settling down in a new environment and becoming more independent on my own. Sure, there were the difficult times, but I managed to pull through it.

how would you define a successful person?

it's pretty hard to list out what it takes to be successful, because there are many ways of becoming successful, good and bad.

however, here's what i think the basic requirements that are required for a person to become successful.

1) determination.
you have to focus and be determined on your goal/target. NEVER give up until the last minute.

2) belief/faith.
believe in yourself. have faith in yourself.

3) just do it.
believe it or not, NIKE is actually right.

- the outcomes, of course. Everyone work hard for a reason, to achieve something. However, sometimes, people also work for the sake of it. (haha)

- probably my parents. They really worked hard and are still working hard for my siblings & I. I'm really grateful for what they have given me. They always teach me to "strive for the best" and "never do anything that's against your own belief".


1) get into a good university, study hard and get my law degree.
2) learn how to save money wisely.
3) get rid of bad habits (laziness...)

for the upcoming 5-10 years,
-i should have enough money to get myself a car and apartment
-and live with my girlfriend.

those are my goals,
how about urs?



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